Editor X Training Courses
We want you to feel comfortable updating your website so it's not holding your business back. Our introductory course will help you navigate the editor, change content, switch out images and fix links so your website is consistent with your current offerings. 
Our Control course is slightly more advanced for those comfortable with the basics already. It covers the basics of how to build a page, how and when to use key components and creating masters. 

$75 (One Hour)

Editor X Introduction

When you first switch over to Editor X you'll need to learn a few basic controls to feel comfortable updating your site. But don't let the Editor X marketing intimidate you, the editor makes basic changes easy to manage with just a little training. We want you to feel comfortable navigating the editor so you can change content, update images, and reposition items so your site looks good on any device. 

Course Specifics

  • Key Terminology: A quick overview of important labels, phrases, tools and navigation items. 


  • Editor X Navigation: For businesses owners without any website management experience it's just as important to know what isn't useful to you. We'll discuss only the important tools you need so you don't feel overwhelmed. 


  • Content and Images: Most of what you'll be doing is updating content and images on your site. We'll show you how to change headers, create text links, change images and resize elements on the page.


  • Theme Manager: This is how you control your default colors and fonts for your entire website. It's the easiest way to make bulk edits if you want to update your site with your own brand identity.

$99 (One Hour)

Editor X Control

Once you know the basics of Editor X you can make more advanced changes to your site like adding sections to a page, using layout tools and repeaters, managing font size across all devices and creating masters. With these tools you can manage virtually everything on your site with confidence. 

  • Page Structure: Pages are built a lot like stacking legos. Sections and containers are your big lego pieces and within each of those you have smaller pieces like repeaters and stacks. We'll cover how to use each of them to build a solid foundation.  


  • Repeaters & Grids: Each section or container can be divided up using grids and repeaters. Grids help you structure content and images and repeaters make it easy to manage multiple elements at once. 


  • Responsive Design: The most powerful feature Editor X offers is called viewports. It lets you design websites that look good on any device. When you add sections or content to your site you'll need to check the desktop, tablet and mobile view for consistency. 


  • Masters: Headers and footers are often used on multiple pages. When you create masters you tell your site that when you update one of them you update all of them. It's an easy way to make sure information is consistent across your entire site.

Course Specifics