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Being able to trust your website to collect leads and showoff your listings or properties is the first step to building your business and brand. With a Frankly template we do all the leg work for you so you can focus on the big picture stuff.

Worry Free Edits

Editor X is a Wix platform which means you get a truly mobile friendly website with an editor that makes it easy to update listings, images, and content on your site with just a little practice. 

Business Tools

Collect leads, create email campaigns and manage all your Google information in one place with a dashboard that's user friendly. Building a website has never been easier with Frankly templates but managing your business once it's launched is what makes this platform so powerful.

Manage Your Google Info | Build Email Campaigns | Collect Leads 

Real Estate Templates

Uptown Investment Company

There's plenty to love about this website. It's agile, professional and modular without being boring. With a few branding adjustments this website can become one of a kind. 

The Zachary

A one page website designed for the entrepreneur that needs a website as agile as their business. Efficient, capable and full of potential. The Zachary could be fitted for an agent, broker or small investment company.

The Ryan

A one page website for real estate agents that want something small but mighty. Don't let the one page design fool you, this is all you really need. All any business really needs probably, but we'll let you be the trendsetter. 

The Armstrong

A website for a real estate investment company with all the modern amenities. This template is looks and feels professional without being stuck up. You'll look great in it.

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