This template is for a restaurant ownership and management group. It's modern, responsive and ready to show off your concepts to attract investors, establish your brand and build your business. The template can be scaled to house all of your concepts and leadership team to fit your business.

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Website template for Editor X

Step One

Editor X is a Wix platform so you'll need to create a Wix account for us to transfer the site to you.

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Step Two

Fill out a website request form telling us which template or package you want and we'll send you an invoice. You can pay using your favorite debit/credit card or Paypal account.

Step Three

Once the invoice is paid we'll initiate the transfer of the site to you using the email you gave us. Wix will send you an email asking you to accept the transfer. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. 

Step Four

Get to know your new website! Take some time to learn where you can change the theme and how to update pictures. Update content with your own, connect your domain and when you're ready publish your site and enjoy. 

How Does This Work?

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Portfolio Page

Leadership Page


Build Out Tips: With Editor X you can duplicate pages or sections within the page to create a website that can hold all of your products or services. 













Playfair Bold

This is Work Sans Light. This is Work Sans Light. This is Work Sans Light. This is Work Sans Light. 


This is Source Sans Pro. This is Source Sans Pro. This is Source Sans Pro. This is Source Sans Pro. 

Site Layout
Color Pallet Ideas
Font Pairing Ideas

Drag & Drop

A lot of web platforms offer this feature and Editor X is no different. Everything on your site can be moved, resized and changed with just a few clicks. It's the future of website management and we think you should give it a try.

Google Features

Everything from managing your SEO, launching an Adwords campaign, tracking your analytics and keeping up with your business profile on Google can be accessed through the Wix dashboard.

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Responsive Design

The difference between Editor X and the regular Wix editor is true responsive design. Only Editor X can create a website that looks good on any device. 

Business Tools

Ascend is a CRM that is baked into the Wix ecosystem. Which means you can manage your email campaigns, create automations, track leads and accept payments all from the Wix dashboard. 

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Editor X Benefits

We think Editor X in the Wix ecosystem is the most powerful web platform on the market. Don't let the marketing language intimidate you, anybody can learn how to make basic changes to their site in just a few hours. 

à la carte


Purchase a Frankly designed template for your business with confidence knowing you're getting a website that's hand built and ready for anything you throw at it.

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You pick the template and we'll handle the rest. Send us all your content and we'll make sure each page is SEO optimized and designed just the way you want it. 


Pricing Options



We build every template in Editor X which is a Wix product. So you'll need to sign up for a Wix membership if you don't already have one to get things started. We recommend the Unlimited, Pro or VIP plan depending on the size of your business. 



We have templates for all types of small businesses. Choose the one that works best for you or request a custom design and we'll do the rest.



Customizing your website is easy, just send us your content and media and we'll formatt it to make sure it looks good on every page. Once approved we'll help you launch your site and make sure it's Google approved.